Migrate to Shopify

Migrate to Shopify

Combining Shopify Plus expertise with marketing prowess for performance-enhancing migrations.

We’re a UK Shopify Plus Partner who pride ourselves on taking the risk out of migrations and driving growth with innovative websites.

We blend Performance Development with Performance Marketing, utilising our in-house SEO team who boast network agency backgrounds and a history of growing global brands.

Our unique combination of award-winning Shopify Plus developers and marketing experts allows us to specialise in elevating performance. Not only that, but we also push the boundaries of Shopify’s infrastructure through world first integrations and custom development, using our proprietary technology and years of experience to identify growth opportunities. We venture where other agencies won’t to take the platform to new heights.

We build themes that are as effective as they are attractive, merging AI-driven design processes with state-of-the-art, data-backed decisions.

Why should you choose Shopify Plus?

Shopify Plus provides the superior performance and flexibility necessary for effortless, effective commerce management. It’s a fully customisable platform that is as cost effective as it is powerful.

Flexible integrations, APIs, and automated workflows across campaigns, retail, and wholesale contribute to a lower total cost of ownership (TCO). On average, Shopify’s TCO is 33% better than that of its competitors.

Shopify’s vastly superior TCO stems from significantly better platform (23%), operating (19%), and implementation (33%) costs. Lower platform and maintenance fees negate the need to pay for additional technical support, and development teams are focused on delivering new functionalities, allowing you to prioritise new value additions.

Smarter analytics fuelled by Shopify’s data network allow for a stronger marketing ROI, and custom promotions through Shopify Functions produce a 20% higher average order value (AOV). POS Pro, the advanced version of Shopify’s point-of-sale platform, allows for limitless and seamless multi-store selling.

Shopify Plus is built for extensibility, allowing you to optimise its high-performance online store with a range of extensions. That includes customisation of Shop Pay, Shopify’s accelerated and customisable checkout that converts as much as 50% better than a guest checkout.

There is also the opportunity to unlock new revenue streams without additional spend. You can sync online and retail systems from an all-in-one platform, and seamlessly kickstart your international expansion into over 150 countries.

Find out more about the benefits of Shopify Plus, and get in touch with our experts to review your existing platform's TCO and kickstart your migration to Shopify.

Migrating to Shopify: what’s involved?

We leave no stone unturned during our migration process. Our Shopify experts produce comprehensive specifications and roadmaps to minimise risk and capitalise on growth opportunities.

Our partnership extends beyond the migration itself – we deliver our most impactful work when we can continue our optimisation efforts. Our Shopify retainers are tailored to our partners and allow us to support you beyond launch day.

Discovery phase – An extensive planning and assessment phase allows us to create a clear vision, plan, and project breakdown. Design workshops, technical specifications, and a robust Performance Marketing assessment allow us to gain a broad understanding of your audience, performance, and opportunities for improvement. Our detailed analysis includes IA development and thorough keyword research.

Pre-launch – This phase consists of the website build, the creation of your Shopify templates, and the integration of systems alongside pre-SEO migration work. This covers data migrations, extensive UAT testing, and redirects, which safeguards your existing performance and maximises growth post-launch.

Launch – During the launch of your Shopify website, we’ll be readily available and even in-office with you to ensure the SEO migration process is as seamless as possible. We will strive to provide your team with a positive first experience of the platform and help set the foundations for future growth.

Growth phase – Our work continues following the launch as we work with our partners to uncover incremental performance improvements. We implement a variety of tactics, tailored to your brand and audience. Our Performance Development experts will work with your team to identify and add new value functionalities to increase conversions. Meanwhile, Performance Marketing remodelling across SEO, Paid Media, or Content will unlock further potential.

"The team at Herd went above and beyond during the build process, the level of skill has been unmistakable throughout the project and the final product is beyond our expectations. Herd have proved to be an honest and reliable digital partner."

Nick Cockman Marketing Manager, Cobra Sport

Meet our Shopify experts

Tim Powell - Herd Managing Director
Tim Powell Managing Director
Mark Claxton
Mark Claxton Senior Designer & Developer
Joe Yardley - Herd Senior Web Developer
Joe Yardley Senior Web Developer
Stuart Holmes
Stuart Holmes Web Designer & Developer
Andy Karevas- Herd Software Engineer
Andrius Karevas Software Engineer
Matt Hunt
Matt Hunt Junior Developer

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