Shopify Plus migration for the UK’s leading advanced aesthetic & online skin clinic

<p>Shopify Plus migration for the UK’s leading advanced aesthetic & online skin clinic</p>
Best Website: Northern Digital Awards '21
Global eCommerce Website: Global Digital Excellence Awards '21
Best Health & Wellbeing, Personal Care & Beauty eCommerce: eCommerce Awards '21
Global B2C Website: Global Digital Excellence Awards‘21
Best Deployment of an eCommerce platform: UK Dev Awards '21
Beauty, health & well being eCommerce website of the year: UK eCommerce Awards '22
B2C eCommerce website of the year: UK eCommerce Awards '22
Best website: Northern Digital Awards '23

The challenge

Following a successful migration to Shopify Plus, Face The Future are now challenging national retailers in terms of organic search visibility, customer sentiment, sales, revenue and conversion rates.

Our client can now really ‘face the future’ with ‘clear skin’ like confidence as their Shopify optimized facelift says goodbye to the old ‘dull and sluggish’ website and a hello to the new ‘brighter, cleaner and clearer’ user-friendly online offering, future-proofing both their eCommerce performance and their customers’ advanced skin & healthcare care regimes.

These outstanding project outcomes resonate with Herd’s mission – Growing Shopify Giants from the brands that we partner with. This is the very reason FTF have chosen to work with Herd as their technical Shopify Plus expert team of developers & marketers.

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The results

A selection of key statistics from this project:

  • +36% Revenue increase
  • +43% Transaction increase MoM from launch
  • +30% Sales increase
  • +12,000 Sessions on launch day

Our approach

Increase B2C eCommerce traffic, sales and revenue through improving user experience whilst adopting the latest web development techniques.

FTF also needed a smooth migration of existing customer data (to support repeat orders / offline orders) as well as SEO to mitigate against any visibility decline.

Key Objectives:

To manage a bespoke eCommerce migration from PrestaShop to Shopify Plus including new high performance site design and layout

To improve site usability, organic search, conversion rates and most importantly, increase sales revenue

To help the brand stand out in a saturated market with a site re-design focused on enhancing user experience and improved site functionality

How we did it

Our team of expert Shopify Plus developers crafted a bespoke Shopify Plus website design and theme using all of our high performance SEO friendly code.

This included a full site re-design, implementation of complex functionality such as custom Shopify filtering, Advanced SEO functionality, and a new Mega Drop down navigation.

We designed a new News content hub to allow FTF to demonstrate their thought leadership and skincare and beauty regime knowledge to advise and guide consumers to the right product for their skin type.

Finally we integrated platform to help improve conversion rates through facilitation of trust signals from customer reviews of both the site and the products, with outstanding results and an impressive 96% recommendation and overall rating of 4.81/5 from almost satisfied 7000 customers.

Tim, Gareth and the team have been exceptional throughout, and the results have already shown the benefit for moving to Shopify Plus. In just 4 weeks since launch we have seen a tremendous increase in revenue.

Mark Till, Head of Ecommerce, Face the Future

Project Highlights


Full site re-design

Full site re-design retaining existing familiar branding but cleaner look and feel – user journeys based on analysis of Hotjar data.


Custom Shopify filtering

Custom Shopify filtering on product listing pages. Shopify does not offer filtering of PLP’s out-of-the-box. Herd’s smart tagging app has allowed for the introduction of SEO friendly pages based on product attributes that was not possible previously.


Advanced SEO Functionality

To give a competitive advantage for long tail searches, we’ve included overrides via Liquid in combination with collection metafields. We match the selected tag against metafield data and then override key collection data mentioned above as well as images and content spots. This can be uitilised for as many tags as we wish to dynamically set filtered collection content.


Mega Drop Down Navigation

We developed a custom mega drop down navigation that includes selectable images and A-Z of brands. The A-Z brand uses Shopify product vendor functionality to keep the data always up to date, keeping website maintenance low.


News Content Hub

Aggregation of blogs into a single content hub allowing FTF to showcase knowledge & advise consumers.

6 Integration

Custom integration to reinforce trust signals from positive customer reviews and improve conversion rates / visibility in SERPs (organic and paid search) - 6,792 reviews, 96% positive (rated 4.81/5)