Migration to Shopify Plus drives sales for equestrian clothing brand & wins best ecommerce platform

<p>Migration to Shopify Plus drives sales for equestrian clothing brand & wins best ecommerce platform</p>
Best Deployment of an eCommerce Platform: Northern Dev Awards '20

The challenge

R&R Country are a Yorkshire based equestrian clothing, horse equipment, and country attire brand.

R&R appointed Herd in September '18 to help migrate to a new Shopify Plus website to improve site usability, organic search visibility, conversion rate, and most importantly ecommerce revenue during a difficult time for the equestrian industry.

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The results

A selection of key statistics from this project:

  • +20% Ecommerce conversion rate increase
  • +75% Page 1 keyword rankings improvement
  • +56% Top 3 keyword positions improvement
  • -44% Cost per conversion decrease
  • +37% Organic session uplift post migration

Our approach

R&R Country wanted to drive more online revenue, but were struggling with conversion rates and also declining organic search visibility in a competitive industry. A new site focusing on user experience and SEO would be required to make significant headway in a crowded market.

Stock management between two brick-and-mortar stores (Selby and Melton Mowbray) and ecommerce website was also causing problems. Stock levels were so out of sync between instore and online channels, products were sold online that were actually out of stock! This was an obvious pain point for customers and sales staff.

A key project aim was to address stock management and synchronisation issues with seamless updates between online and in-store channels. Content management on the new website also needed to reduce overheads associated with maintaining 1800+ categories on multiple platforms.

How we did it

In September 2018, Herd undertook an initial website audit and competitor analysis to highlight shortcomings of the existing site and internal processes. This informed a digital strategy to overhaul the ecommerce experience, make content management easier, and address stock synchronisation issues.

A great company who talk the same language as us and always happy to explain the jargon! Herd have done a fantastic job revamping our website and the staff are a pleasure to work with.

Sue Moxon, R&R Country

Project Highlights


Bespoke Stock Synchronisation Loader

To maintain accurate stock levels between physical stores and ecommerce website.


Dynamic Content

Including page titles, Meta descriptions and headings driven by custom smart tagging and filtering system.


Optimised Theme

Focussed on speed, improving average load times by 31% (5.78sec to 3.94sec).


Mobile First

Mobile first approach from the ground up, focusing on mobile experience with 65% of the R&R audience using mobiles.


Brand Redesign

As part of the digital strategy for the new ecommerce site, the redesign made content easier to manage and improved the UX.


Reviews.io Setup

Set up and integration with 714 positive reviews (4.84 / 5).