Digging into the woes of pet owners to build authority for leading pet insurance brand

  • 115 Brand mentions, from new quality domains
  • 60+ Backlinks to the Petsure domain
  • 2M+ Reach to existing and new audiences

Project overview

The number of new pet owners rocketed during the pandemic, but once lockdown restrictions lifted, many pets were abandoned. The media revealed how household lifestyles shifted, and the cost-of-living crisis led to overcrowded kennels and shelters.

When Petsure came to us with the desire to build authority to their new website, we knew that our Digital PR approach would be the purrfect opportunity to do so. Our link gap analysis uncovered several areas of improvement for the brand, including unethical link building habits that needed to be addressed.

Our detailed competitor analysis revealed the activity and tactics their competitors were using to gain coverage, and identified the key gaps in Petsure’s current provision.

Through SEO, consumer research, and the expert knowledge at Petsure, we created a survey that would identify the issues pet owners face, spreading awareness and providing professional advice on the topic.

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The brief

Petsure is the pet insurance arm of Staysure Group. They pride themselves on fair and flexible cover for cats and dogs, raising a paw for more inclusive pet insurance.

Having only dipped a paw in PR, Petsure’s backlink profile was poor, with many links built maliciously by a previous agency. We had the challenge to restore any harmful activity to align with best practice, and secure coverage through earned media.

To do this, we’d tap into the pain points of the industry to reach their audience and provide sound, solid solutions to pet owners’ issues. We did this by conducting a survey to identify national issues and strengthen our story.

Key objectives

  • Organically earn backlinks to the dog insurance category
  • Clean up toxic backlinks and send better signals to search engines
  • Improve authority and expertise through optimised onsite content with search in mind
  • Increase number of new, relevant referring domains

"Our partnership with Petsure was about more than just earning coverage, it was about building trust and providing meaningful solutions to pet owners.

"By exploring trends, analysing data, crafting tailored messaging, and creating search-friendly content, we not only improved Petsure's authority but also contributed to a more informed and engaged pet owner community."

Leah Archibald Senior PR and Content Exec

Project highlights

We highlighted the current pain points and desires of Petsure’s audiences.

We then used a survey provider to syndicate a well thought out questionnaire to validate our hypothesis – individuals were not fully aware of the responsibility and demands that come with owning a pet.

Petsure would then provide a smorgasbord of expert content to help individuals properly care for their pet, touching on everything from insurance to dog breed advice.

We crafted our releases to suit the specific audience and journalist in mind. This means that not every press release will be the same, as we  tailor pitch emails, subject lines, messages, and data.

We outreached a light-hearted proactive piece that we knew national media would cover, which secured us dozens of links.

Our survey allowed us to utilise the results, hours, and
budget in the best way to maximise peformance as it provided us with a handful of themes to explore. This included regional, financial, lifestyle, and trade titles.

We opened the story up further by hosting a dedicated page onsite, which would dig deeper into the survey results and expertise.

This meant that journalists could link to this page, further building authority as well as encouraging engagement and traffic.

The page included creative assets such as bar charts and lifestyle visuals, which would improve readability time spent onsite.