Cheers to the beers - how Paid Search was just the (gin and) tonic for Liquid Vault’s new website launch

<p>Cheers to the beers - how Paid Search was just the (gin and) tonic for Liquid Vault’s new website launch</p>

Project Overview

After success on Amazon, Liquid Vault wanted to develop and grow their B2C channel through their own website.

Our team of expert developers built and designed a custom Shopify theme to offer users the best user experience and our paid search experts drove qualified traffic to meet primary and secondary KPIs.

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A selection of key statistics from this project during the first 6 months activity post launch:

  • +1,047% Uplift in transations
  • +754% Site visits
  • +591% Revenue increase
  • +895% New users

The Brief

Our aim was to help Liquid Vault offer a better customer journey through a new website design with a custom Shopify theme design and site build and target alcohol drinkers nationwide to bring them the ultimate drinks discovery.

Key Objectives:

  • Design and build a custom Shopify website and theme

  • Increase business through the website

  • Increase number of customers on email database

  • Build and grow brand and raise awareness online

How we did it

Our development team built a new website design and build to meet the clients brief. The Liquid Vault brand identity had to be addressed from the outset, which gave us the freedom to push the boundaries of the proposition and align with the client’s ambitions. From here, we were able to create the website design concepts and once signed off we could then begin the development process.

The initial proposition of the brand was to feature “build a box” functionality, that would enable users to create a pick ‘n’ mix style bundle of alcoholic beverages and mixers. Although a Shopify app was utilised for the main functionality, the app had to be completely customised to seamlessly integrate within the website and the brand.

Prior to launch we needed to ensure that the paid search account was prepared. This involved setting up ads for different stages of the customer journey to ensure that we could meet business goals.

Search ad campaigns were created by performing keyword research to ensure that there was volume around brand and non-brand terms.

Once the keywords had been signed off by Liquid Vault, we moved on to create attractive and relevant ads with headlines and descriptions including USP’s, keywords and calls to action – ensuring that these ads were sent to the most relevant landing pages. Relevant ad extensions were used to give the ads more prominence within the search results.

We created and optimised A Google Merchant Center feed to ensure that Liquid Vault utilised the opportunities for free listings on Surfaces across Google and then ensured that this was linked to the Google ads account to push Google Shopping ads live.

The structure of Shopping campaigns was formed around the types of alcohol available on the Liquid Vault website.

To ensure we created brand awareness we introduced ads across the display network targeting those people who had recently searched for one of their competitors.

Monitoring performance and optimising based on data ensured that we were driving the right people at the right time to the website to improve ROI.

Herd rose to our challenge of reaching a new business to consumer audience for Liquid Vault with a bespoke Shopify eCommerce website build.

This was complimented with paid search activity from launch, driving relevant traffic to our site with oustanding results.

David Proctor, Co Founder, Liquid Vault

Project Highlights


Full Site Design

Full site re-design to incorporate the Liquid Vault brand as well as the “Build a box” feature.


Mobile Friendly Site

The latest design and development techniques were implemented on the new website to ensure it was 100% mobile friendly.


Paid Advertising

Our paid search strategy targets transactions, brand awareness and newsletter sign ups. Driving qualified traffic to the website using optimal targeting.


Site Built With SEO Growth In Mind

The build was consulted by our technical SEO team prior to launch, this led to the site being able to scale and grow with the business achieving +96% growth in organic ranking keywords year on year.


Building A Frictionless Conversion Journey

Since launch, we have seen conversion rate grow by +126% YoY, allowing for us to make the most of every site visit.

6 Integration

Integration of to form the gathering of positive customer feedback to build trust signals. 5-star sentiment from all reviews collected.