SEO strategy to drive sustainable lead generation & growth for a business management consultant

  • 3k+ Keywords monitored across multiple territories
  • 2x Organic landscapes analysed
  • 6x Competitors audited for insights
  • 10k+ Increase in organic traffic (US)

Project overview

Oxford is a consultancy who work with large organisations to help unlock the capability for good growth - growth that’s good for people, for the planet, and for profit.

They support businesses in consumer products and goods, and across the health and wellness sectors, working on strategies that unlock team capability to delivery growth. They have been offering B2B consultancy services in the UK and USA for over 35 years.

Our challenge was to help Oxford communicate a little bit more clearly about the great work they do, and create a robust strategy to enable good digital growth for their brand.

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The brief

Any activity needed to promote the Oxford brand and support the development of a new lead pipeline in the USA to drive long-term, sustainable business growth.

The key focus was therefore to devise a robust strategy to help Oxford grow their brand awareness and showcase what they do for potential partners in the US market.

Key objectives

  • Undertake a comprehensive SEO and content audit, providing solutions to inject more personality into the brand website, reflecting Oxford's people who personify the brand
  • Grow organic visibility in the US market
  • Drive 10k more visits to the Oxford website in the next 12 months for the US territory
Oxford homepage

How we did it

Keyword & SEO analysis

We conducted an SEO audit and keyword research to assess the target audience, related search terms in the US compared to the UK markets, and size the opportunity for Oxford to rank for these terms in both markets. This research and analysis laid the foundations of our strategy going forwards.

Competitor landscaping

We undertook competitor analysis to identify top performers within the UK and US organic landscapes and benchmarked how Oxford performed against these.

Recommendations on what actions should be considered to compete against these bigger brands in the space were provided.

Technical auditing

We considered aspects such as site architecture, indexing, internal links, mobile, speed, UX/CRO, rendering, crawling, and international SEO.

Our audits use a scoring system to rank our actionable recommendations in order of priority, impact on SEO, and ease of implementation. This allowed us to focus on recommendations to drive a return as soon as possible.

Link audit and competitor gap analysis

This involved an in-depth review of Oxford's backlink profile compared to top performing brands within the SEO landscape.

We considered an array of factors to understand how Oxford should promote their brand on other external websites, the topics competitors were gaining coverage for, and more.

Content strategy

Our content audit of the existing site informed recommendations including new topics that Oxford should write about. We also considered the different media formats within content throughout the creation phase of the project, for maximum engagement and search visibility.

We delivered our strategy to the Oxford board of directors, and rolled out support with lead generation, performance monitoring, reporting set-up, and on-going insights using Herd's proprietary ranking tools.

The above have all played a part in driving organic visibility and content performance for Oxford.

"I knew that Herd would understand our brief because I’ve worked with them previously. If I need any SEO strategy, performance marketing strategy, generally, if I need any technical support as we build out our website, Herd will be the first team I call without a shadow of a doubt."

Claire Cooke Consultant, Oxford

Project highlights

Our SEO and content experts uncovered invaluable audience and search term insights into both the US and UK markets. This informed the digital strategy for Oxford, driving traffic and brand awareness where it matters most.

Herd identified key competitors, what they were doing well (and not so well) in order to benchmark Oxford's performance against these, forming a plan to compete with the larger brands in the organic landscape.

Herd's extensive technical assessment included insights related to site speed, crawling, indexing, site architecture, internal links, mobile, speed, core web vitals, UX/CRO, rendering, and international SEO.

Recommendations were ordered in terms of priority, impact, and ease of implementation.

Our PR experts looked at the full backlink profile for Oxford, and main competitors.

This looked at a variety of factors to ascertain where we should promote the Oxford brand, which topics would drive engagement, and how competitors were gaining coverage.

Our content experts audited the current site, devising a new strategy adopting Google E-A-T principles to showcase Oxford as an expert, authority, and trustworthy source in their sector. This would ultimately improve both traffic and organic visibility for the brand.