B2B pivot to launch Threadbare direct to consumer with a bespoke Shopify store

  • -57% Cost Per Conversion (CPC) decreased
  • +1217% Conversion value increased
  • +1394% Conversions increased
  • +176% Conversion rate increased

Project overview

In 2020, Threadbare wanted to reduce its reliance on wholesale relationships with outlets such as Next, ASOS, and Debenhams.

This would require a new ecommerce store to sell direct to consumer, build the menswear brand online, and generate more sales.

The project became more urgent as the global pandemic took hold, and the threat to big high-street retailers took its toll.

Herd pitched an innovative strategy with a high-performance website build and developed a multi-channel marketing strategy, including ongoing SEO and paid search advertising.

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Key objectives

  • Launch Threadbare to sell clothing D2C on its own domain
  • Increase business through the site long-term
  • Build and grow the brand and raise awareness online
  • Develop strategy and launch marketing across multiple online channels

How we did it

Our digital audit and competitor analysis highlighted key areas for development:

Technical issues

Leading the integration of Shopify with the fulfilment and product centre to work in real time, using Herd’s very own 'Skeleton Framework', which provides the building blocks to deliver a high-performance Shopify website

Brand development

Ensure the brand was communicated consistently across channels and, critically, for the website to represent the brand.

Competing with own brand on reseller domains

Grow visibility in organic and paid search for Threadbare brand terms online to compete with own products and categories on established domains that ranked well.

Multi-channel digital strategy

Across all online channels whether delivered by Herd or in-house.

Support for in-house

Focusing on brand exposure and high-quality coverage based upon competitor link analysis to identify opportunities to grow online and offline brand visibility.

“Without Herd's hard work and the relationship we have built, we would not be in the strong position we are today whereby we have designed, built and launched a website from the ground up and are generating sales which exceed our predictions and expectations."

Helen Ellis Head of Ecommerce, Threadbare

Project highlights

As a fashion clothing brand, visuals and presentation of the brand is critical for online performance marketing. A challenge faced was that the brand had been established as a label on clothing, but beyond that, there wasn’t a clear opinion on visual guidelines.

We developed a deeper understanding of their customer base and built up customer profiles for our designers to work up a brand style guide, and create concept designs for the site.

Targeted paid ads on Google, Bing, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok to drive traffic and raise brand awareness.

Website content and category structure designed with keywords in mind to win links and increase returning users.

Set up email marketing templates and automated campaigns to target abandoned baskets and non-active users, and build up a list of advocates that convert well.

Bespoke custom theme with collection facet system to ensure filters are SEO-optimised, overrides in Liquid and collection metafields to give a competitive advantage in long-tail searches, custom product data loader.