Shopify launch to revolutionise aftermarket VW camper van decals

Project overview

Brandfixx are pioneers in the design, manufacture, and installation of modular vehicle graphics that create high impact branding for any size vehicle, using precision laser-guided 3D scanning methodology.

Brandfixx approached Herd to design, build, and launch a new website to promote and sell a brand new product for the VW automotive aftermarket - Splitkits. Splitkits allows users to customise their VW camper vans with easy to install modular colour change kits.

The ‘Split kit’ provides a cost-effective alternative to traditional paintwork and vinyl wraps, allowing customers to modify the look of their camper vans with ease.

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The brief

The objective of the new website build was simple - create an engaging, easy-to-use tool for users to preview VW split kit designs before ordering.

The eCommerce experience for the split kit preview needed to be user-friendly, remove as many barriers to purchase as possible, and promote conversion.

Key objectives

  • Design and build a new website including brand and logo design
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Optimise performance (Shopify OS 2.0)
  • Improve accessibility and UX

How we did it

Our Shopify designers and developers created a new Splitkits brand, logo, guidelines, and website theme design.

The new site was built from the ground up, with the most up-to-date Shopify OS 2.0 framework

Page load speeds, core web vitals, organic search best practice, accessibility, and overall user experience were baked into the new theme from the ground up.

Primary content was optimised to increase share of voice for related UK searches, using SEO best practice to target keywords and search intent.

"Brilliant Team at Herd! You can rely on them getting the job done. We've worked with them for years to help increase our online sales, alongside building our brand presence and implementing marketing strategies for numberous brands. The development team have really worked hard to make Split Kits come to life."

Greg Saunderson Managing Director, Brandfixx

Project highlights

We created a sleek new design for the Splitkits brand, including new logo, colour palette, and brand guidelines.

The new site was built using the latest Shopify OS 2.0 framework, unlocking associated performance gains and features.

Hand-crafted copywriting, ensuring the site copy targeted the right keywords and search intent for maximum organic search visibility.

Development of a custom split kit builder, to preview your designs before adding to the basket and ordering online.