Leah's first month at Meta

Leah's first month at Meta

Welcoming our Junior PR and Content Executive

A month?! Really?! *checks date immediately*

This last month has almost felt as bizarre as the last year. Consisting of virtual meetings, cups of tea (strictly Yorkshire), slight confusion and even a G&T at 12 o’clock.

It has all felt a little surreal.

Meta herd enjoying a virtual gin and tonic for fizz friday

My story may not be as exciting as my team members, I don’t play squash or specialise in SEO and I can’t speak another language, but joining Meta is where my story begins.

The lockdown lowdown

In 2020 as the pandemic began to peak, I graduated from University with an English Literature degree. A long three years of studying, Shakespeare and student-shenanigans; my future became jaded by a global pandemic which would throw me, a young millennial, into the deep end.

But as a determined, pocket-sized (then) 22-year-old, I did not let the summer of 2020 be a disaster. I continued to work my socks off and complete pending essays and a 10,000-word dissertation, all from my dining table.

As I said goodbye to my favourite hobbies, like going to gigs, watching TED talks and, like any millennial – supping an IPA in a cool indie bar, I continued to search for my place in a content orientated career. I scoured the city for job opportunities in the field of marketing and content, as I had completed an internship at University that had made this chosen path a clear one for me.

From the West-side to the East-side

I decided I would move back from Leeds and home to my little village in East Yorkshire, kicking the curb thinking there wouldn’t be anything thrilling for me.

How I was so very wrong…

Though I love to cook, I don’t know how to make lemonade and life was handing me lemons left right and centre! I thought I would never get a job in the industry and I was quite honestly petrified about my future.

After returning home late one night, I opened my laptop to check the latest job opportunities in Digital Marketing. A routine of mine I could then do in my sleep. I saw that a position had arose in Hessle, right on my doorstep, at a company called Meta…

After a warm interview process, that felt more like a mothers meeting with two people I had known all my life, Jo and Bones delivered the best news I had heard in a long time. I got the call that Meta would like to give me the position and even better, they would take me under their Meta matriarch and show me the digital ropes within the industry.

Making my mark in the industry

As I stepped into the office I was greeted by both Directors, Gareth and Tim, that instantly asked me if I liked tea and if so, what brand?! Much to their delight they were happy to hear I too enjoyed a good cuppa of Yorkshire tea too.

The office was quieter than usual though the team made it feel just as atmospheric, dishing out a lovely spread of sausage rolls, wraps and sandwiches for my first day ‘Welcome to the Meta Herd’ lunch. 

My first month has been a roller coaster of all things PR, content, and technical.

Filled with confidence, I have not been shy to make my own mark in the Digital Marketing world, trying to secure back links from big publications and create loud campaigns that would stomp through the competitive industry.

My first win was gaining coverage for one of our partners, Outdoor Living, in The Times! To say this national publication attracts 40M visitors a month, I sure earned my Fizz Friday that month!

The herd are extremely set on being recognised as one and that shines through every Monday when we hold a weekly meeting. My first task was to create a quiz that would get the entire team involved. I arranged quick online ‘hellos’ with everybody to gather together some juicy information.

They didn’t mince (or brew) their words when giving me facts on other herd members and when I delivered the ‘Guess Who’ game, it showed how close they all really were.

I have written and proofed many blog posts within my first month, from writing about hot tubs and weight loss to the perks of electric vehicles and even managed to tick off my first client meeting. The versatility of what is asked of me is just one of the reasons why I love every single day I spend at Meta. There is definitely no room to be bored here!

Though Meta is built by incredibly intelligent individuals with tonnes of experience in Shopify and Digital Marketing as a whole, they are eager to expand their knowledge so we all grow together. Curiosity most definitely doesn’t kill the *elephant when it comes to Meta!

They have made my presence feel equal and I know exactly who to turn to when I have a query or question.

Our weekly ‘Humpday Coffee’ virtual get together where work talk is banned and we chat over a brew, is as informal as MS Team meetings get. The conversations quickly turn into fits of laughter for everyone, but knowing that we all take the time to make small talk and get to know our colleagues and Directors better is really helpful for our well-being, especially when working remotely.

As Chinese philosopher, Confucius once said “choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life," and I truly feel like everyday is just another fun-packed adventure.

I even managed to bag Employee Of The Month for the digital footprints I've been making for our partners this month! 

I have the best leaders around me to aspire to and their words of wisdom (and Gareth’s cups of tea) make me ever the more excited for my future here.

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Leah Archibald

Leah Archibald, Senior PR & Content Executive

Leah is our Senior PR and Content Executive, with many years experience in delivering impactful campaigns for major brands. She's a talented wordsmith whose enthusiasm for keeping our social media exciting rubs off on the rest of our Herd.

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