El'es' first 6 months at Herd

El'es' first 6 months at Herd

Tell us a little bit about yourself

El'es Ferguson paid executive

I have been at Herd for over 8 months now (a little bit over the 6 month threshold for this blog) and I have enjoyed every day of working here. Last summer, I completed my digital marketing apprenticeship passing with a Distinction. After completing my apprenticeship, I enjoyed some time off, travelling and spending time with my family before I started my position as Paid Media Executive at Herd.

What have you been up to so far?

As Paid Media Exec I help across our Paid Search and Social clients, helping with BAU tasks, implementing campaigns and reporting. I currently work across a range of clients, with Ashleigh Winter & Chris Lambert.

It’s hard to pick out just a few projects to talk about, as I’ve had many opportunities to upskill my knowledge and also my confidence. I took the position as Paid Media Exec to gain more confidence on PPC accounts. And I feel like I’ve already achieved that goal, although I am still learning new things everyday.

I think my biggest takeaway from my time at Herd so far would be working cross-channel. Before starting here, I had never worked on a client that went beyond paid channels. It has been a great learning opportunity to see how the different channels can impact each other.

What have you learned about the world of marketing that you didn’t know before starting?

I have realised it’s not as complicated as I thought it to be, and I’m sure that’s due to the support from my team. My thoughts and ideas are treated as equals and that has really benefitted me. I have also learnt that it’s okay not to know everything, the industry changes so much so it’s unrealistic to know about everything at once. Taking some time to sit back and research is very important, and that’s how everyone else does it.

What are you hoping to achieve in the next six months?

In the next 6 months I am hoping to make progression within my role at Herd by upskilling my knowledge across GA4, Shopping and Feed management. Whilst I already feel quite accomplished here, there are still lots of areas I can improve in.

Quickfire round

Who would be a dream client to work with?

Estella Bartlet, they’re a London based jewellery company and I love all of their products, I have worn them for years, so my jewellery box is full of their necklaces and earrings. If you picked a silver piece I’m sure I’d love it. It would be amazing to support with their Paid Social campaigns as I would have lots of ideas - being the definition of their target audience.

What is your favourite piece of stationery?

Pens, and hundreds of them. I love to colour in my spare time, it’s a great way to relax so I have many pencil cases full of them.

Tea or coffee?

Tea, 100%, I have never liked the taste of coffee. I am quite controversial in our office for being a Ringtons fan, don’t tell Gareth!

Favourite marketing tool?

Whilst the platform can be a slow, Facebook Ads Manager is my favourite platform. The campaigns are lot more creative than PPC, and I find the strategy behind them comes a lot easier, It must be because I grew up on these platforms and can find it a lot easier to relate to a user.

Favourite series

I’m not a big podcast listener, however I do love to binge-watch a series. My all-time favourite is Friends, and I think I have watched the full series 7 times, I’m onto my 8th rewatch now… oh, and in case you were wondering I am definitely Monica!

About the author

El'es Ferguson

El'es Ferguson, Paid Media Executive

El'es is our Paid Media Executive, and comes with a wealth of experience in search and social.

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