Revenue & rankings are too hot to handle following platform migration for performance parts specialist, Nimbus Motorsport

<p>Revenue & rankings are too hot to handle following platform migration for performance parts specialist, Nimbus Motorsport</p>

Project Overview

Nimbus Motorsport are one of Europe's leading suppliers of performance motorsport parts and accessories.

With 30 years experience, they have built up a trusted reputation for supplying high quality thermal control products, motorsport lubricants, race fuels, and specialist gloves and equipment for the motor racing industry. They maintain their values of supplying the right product for the right job, at the right time.

Nimbus approached Herd with an outdated website that didn't support their needs as a growing business with aspirations of global expansion, and a challenge to grow the organic visibility of their store.

Our solution involved migration to a bespoke Shopify eCommerce build, with careful SEO migration of all data into the new store mitigating visibility decline.

This was paired with an SEO strategy to build on their foundations, improve organic visibility in search engines for key terms, and ultimately drive more traffic, sales, and revenue across the board.

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A selection of key statistics from this project:

  • +60% Site speed increase
  • +67% Revenue increase
  • +55% Organic traffic increase YoY
  • +201% Uplift in global sales

The Brief

Our brief was to design, build, and migrate Nimbus to a bespoke Shopify website with outstanding UX and a strong platform to improve their organic SEO. The new site needed to be faster, scalable, and with a CMS which would be easy to use and save the team time.

The new store needed to position Nimbus Motorsport as experts in their sector, whilst giving the flexibility for the Nimbus team to modify appearance, manage products, and build content efficiently and effectively.

One of the project aims was to be more accesible globally. With this in mind, our developers integrated the World Options app to provide live global shipping rates. This was an exciting development challenge for our Shopify experts due to the wide variety of product dimensions for international shipments.

Key Objectives

- Design and build a new webite to meet the demands of a growing business

- Migrate all existing content from the old custom .NET platform

- Develop a robust SEO strategy to support organic growth within the highly competitive performance motorsport sector

- Create a custom worldwide shipping solution to fulfil demand from overseas customers

As a business we had run into limitations with our existing eCommerce website. Herd took the time needed to really understand our business, our products and the market we work in. This level of detail was applied throughout with specialists used at every step through research, design and build. 

Herd are an extremely professional outfit that have made the project feel very collaborative, listening to our ideas and then bringing them to life with their expertise. The delivered product is a slick website with all the tools we were struggling without on our previous platform. We are excited to build on this and are very open to further work with Herd in the future to grow our business. Thanks to all involved on this project - special mentions to Joe and Freya who worked very closely with us. Our regular meetings kept us in the loop and ensured we kept on schedule. We would highly recommend Herd to any business looking to stand out and grow online."

Chris kitchen, Sales manager, Nimbus Motorsport

How we did it

Complex Data migration from the old site including integration of TORCOs API to obtain full and detailed product descriptions and pricing directly from their main brand into the new Shopify store.

Implementing storefront and indexable filters to widen the net of potential keywords we could rank for, whilst utilising robots.txt rules to ensure that our crawl budget was not wasted on irrelevant pages.

Optimised content for newly indexed pages to allow us to rank against far more specific keywords, closer to the conversion stage of the buying journey.

World Options to provide live global courier shipping rates for all new international orders. This facilitated live pricing in relevant currency based on location and helped the Nimbus team to book and manage global shipments with ease.

Utilising structured data to ensure that clear ranking signals were sent to search engines and displayed in rich results where possible.

Project Highlights


Website redesign

We created a fresh new design for the Nimbus Motorsport site maintaining the integrity of the brand look and feel.


Data & SEO migration

We facilitated the migration of all existing data via custom loaders, scripts, and transformations, saving the Nimbus team weeks of manual data entry for products and informational pages.

A robust SEO migration process was then followed, transfering search equity from the old platform to the new Shopify store.


Custom Shopify filtering

We implemented custom Shopify storefront filtering, allowing more product recommendations, and filters on product listing pages. Shopify does not offer filtering of PLP’s out-of-the-box.

Herd’s smart tagging app has facilitated SEO friendly pages based on product attributes that was not possible previously.


Live Global Courier Shipping rates

We integrated the World Options App to help the Nimbus team to book and manage international shipments, and provide live shipping rates for Global customers.


Informational content optimisation

Through our keyword research and competitor analysis, we determined that there were several subject areas where fresh content should be created to secure rankings for these terms.

Using Nimbus' expertise, we then optimised this new content to have the most impact within search engines.


Dynamic Content

Including page titles, meta descriptions, headings, and content blocks driven by a bespoke tagging and filtering system to capture more search intent.


Mobile First approach

The latest design and development techniques for a mobile first approach was implemented from the ground up.