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Unleash your eCommerce potential with a consultation from our team of digital experts.

We'll present a clear roadmap to grow your business across digital marketing channels and best in class website development.

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Our approach to consultancy

Our consultancy is perfromance driven and based on three key stages: research, planning and recommendations.

1. Research - Dedicated to defining your objectives, understanding your current strategy and tactics, what your market opportunity is and where your business sits within that opportunity. A discovery workshop and brand immersion will really make you feel a part of the herd.

2. Planning - Here we'll focus on how we can improve your online business. From using our best practice experience to analysing competitor activity, we make sure that we have a clear focus on how your business can be grown.

3. Recommendations - This is where we present the results of the consultation and the strategy that our research and understanding of both your business and its market have determined.

Your performance based consultancy project will give you a clear roadmap on how you can grow your business and become a Shopify giant.

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Performance analysis

Our data driven approach puts the customer at the heart of the insight.

Going further than just which marketing channels perform best, as retailers we will help you enhance performance and inform your decision making.


Analytics & goal tracking

What are you goals? Are they the right goals? Are we tracking all relevant goals?

Our consultancy will help you learn, optimise and adapt to a rapidly evolving ecommerce space.


Keyword research

Our focus is the customer and what their intention is.

We will support you in creating a plan that will enable you to capture customers in the right place and at the right time.


SEO health check

How well optimised is your site? Does it represent your brand as it should?

Great SEO is like great customer service, our experts will ensure your customers get only the best on-site experience.


Search visibility

What is your site currently ranking for? Can your customers find you?

We will help you achieve industry leading results that translate into performance.


Paid advertising audit

Thinking about your customers, we will both review and recommend.

Creating a plan which will enable your business to enhance the performance of your paid search activity.


Backlink profiling

Obtaining links back to your retail website is a powerful tool in your SEO arsenal.

But what are high value links and how can I get more of them? These are questions that our performance driven digital PR team will answer for you.


Content priorities

Good content is good, but great content can be transformative.

Our industry leading experts will drive performance based content that will both surprise and delight your customers.


Social media audit

Get even closer to your customers, drive brand awareness and engagement.

Our social media audit will identify how you can have conversations with your customers that add value to both them and your business.


"Understand your growth potential in partnership with our herd."

Jon Patrick - Head of Marketing

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