Harvey Water Softeners

Harvey Water Softeners

Futureproofed Shopify Plus build for the UK’s number one selling water softener brand

Project overview

Harvey Water Softeners are the UK’s number one luxury water softening manufacturer, retailer, and installer. Their mission is to provide every UK home with softened water through innovative technology and first-class service.

Harvey wanted to position their brand at the forefront of an increasingly competitive online market. Our objective was to deliver a best-in-class, highly optimised eCommerce solution to convert new and returning customers quickly and effectively.

The brief

Harvey Water Softeners were looking for an online presence that would set them apart in an increasingly competitive landscape. They sought a custom Shopify theme to help elevate their brand to the next level.

Pioneering innovative technology in an emerging market, Harvey aimed to help potential customers navigate their product range seamlessly and make informed purchasing decisions.

Key objectives

  • To deliver a best-in-class eCommerce store
  • Guide new customers to the right product based on their requirements
  • Optimise user experience for returning customers
  • Focus on futureproofing the website

How we did it

Herd conducted in-depth competitor analysis and brand research, influencing the website designs we delivered.

Prioritising a component-based, mobile-first approach ensured the designs we presented were adaptable and futureproofed, while prioritising their main consumer base.

Collaborating closely with Harvey, Herd delved into understanding customer-product alignment. Starting from initial sketches and flow charts, Herd mapped out and developed a guided selling tool. This bespoke JavaScript tool asks users a series of questions, intuitively leading them to the product that best suits their needs. The result is a tailored and efficient user experience that aligns seamlessly with Harvey's objectives.

Introducing predictive search, quick cart, and single-page checkout has helped create a streamlined user experience, ensuring users are able to find products and checkout with ease.

  • Conducted UX review and competitor analysis to understand the water softener market, and Harvey’s position within it
  • Created a best-in-class, mobile-first, component-based design
  • Developed custom Shopify theme, giving Harvey a unique edge and presence in the market
  • Built custom solutions to help new and existing users find the right products through tailored user journey
  • Developed a straight forward and easy to use CMS solution ensuring maintainability

"Months of development and design work with the talented team at Herd has led to a fresh and modern transformation with our online shop. We're incredibly proud of how intuitive, easy-to-browse, and fully-optimised for mobile-users it is!"

Harvey Water Softeners

Project highlights

Redesign following complete UX review of existing website and competitor research. Responsive, mobile first page designs adhering to Harvey’s new brand guidelines and considering eCommerce best practices.

Scalable, easy to maintain, component-based design giving client flexibility going forward. Adhered to WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) standards by measuring aspects such as colour contrast ratio, font sizes and clickable element spacing for an inclusive experience.

Component-based approach using sections in Shopify to allow straightforward customisation.

We designed and built additional components that were not required for launch, but could be used for greater flexibility in the future. This method gave the client the ability to easily edit and maintain content, keeping the website fresh going forward.

A custom-built JavaScript tool directing new users to the right product and improving conversion rates.

We mapped out each scenario, working closely with Harvey to understand their customers and their buying habits. This ensures new website visitors are given the best possible experience and are clear about Harvey’s proposition and value.

Bespoke development to direct returning customers to the right salt product for their model.

This gives users clarity and peace of mind in making the correct purchase, eliminating the need to contact Harvey for further product information and reducing returns. 

An expanded version of the simple search field was developed giving guidance and recommendations to the user. Top suggestions, featured products, and popular collections can all be configured, helping Harvey highlight their most valuable customer journeys.

The intuitive predictive search automatically generates suggestions based on the first two letters typed into the input field. This ensures customers are directed to the products they need quickly and efficiently.

Allowing users to check out more easily through our modernised quick cart solution.

The mobile-first pop out modal gives customers an instant response and confirmation on their product being added to basket.

It also presents upsell opportunities and guides them directly into the checkout from their current page.