Shopify platform migration with world-first Ibcos Gold integration for UK's leading garden machinery retailer

<p>Shopify platform migration with world-first  Ibcos Gold integration for UK's leading garden machinery retailer</p>
Web Dev Project of the Year: Prolific North Champions '22

Project Overview

F G Adamson & Son approached us for our best-in-class integration skills.

We were required to build a new Shopify Theme with great performance, integrating directly with their Machinery Dealership Software and parts engine (Ibcos Gold), whilst providing a great user experience for B2B, commercial, and retail customers.

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A selection of key statistics from this project:

  • 4.9k Organic keyword rankings
  • +52% Page speed increase
  • World 1st Ibcos Gold integration
  • 40+ P1-3 primary keywords
  • 1 million Organic impressions within 60 days of launch

The Brief

F G Adamson & Son required a complex build to create a performant eCommerce experience that delivered the following Objectives:

Merge existing and into one platform

Easy lead generation using a brochure experience for commercial customers

Ecommerce for trade and retail customers

Integration with ARInet: ARInet is a part and exploded diagram engine that allows our customers to order from our vast part libraryIntegration with Ibcos. Ibcos Gold is an enterprise Machine Dealer Management system. Inventory levels, and pricing need to be updated on Shopify, orders to be sent from Shopify and custom pricing displayed real time for trade customers

Data migration: Migration of all data from our existing custom platform to Shopify. Customer, products, category pages and informational pages need to be migrated to the new platform

SEO migration: The equity of our existing websites needs to be carried over to the new platform, we require a full managed SEO migration project

Bespoke theme: that provides best-in-class performance, customisability across all pages and a seamless journey for our retail, trade and commercial customers

How we did it

F G Adamson & son had a complex set of development requirements that we implemented to deliver their world-class site including:

  • Integration of Machine Dealership Software: A custom integration to update inventory levels, pricing and to provide Trade customers with trade pricing using Ibcos Gold the UK’s leading Machine Dealership Software for Agriculture, Groundcare, Horticulture and Construction industries. We’re proud to partner with Ibcos’ to bring Shopify to Ibcos Gold customers. This will open the door for Ibcos customers to leverage Shopify’s omni-channel platform, allowing dealerships to sell on Facebook, Instagram, eBay, Amazon and many other platforms. Shopify is the worlds #1 platform for selling across all channels and territories. Get in touch to find out how we can help you sell more

  • Bespoke Shopify Theme: Creation of a high-performance Shopify Online Store 2.0 theme based upon our own “Skeleton Performance Framework”, providing the building blocks to deliver a high performance award winning Shopify website. The new theme is fully flexible allowing custom pages to be created on demand in-house without the need for further development work

  • SEO Migration & Strategy: Implementation of a careful strategy to merge pre-existing sites and into one single entity to cater for Retail, Commercial and B2B customers

  • Integration of Part Engine: Creation of services to allow ARInet to work seamlessly with Shopify. Custom functionality was built to allow Shopify to create new products on the fly, and to provide real time pricing

F G Adamson & Son have had the pleasure of working with Herd to migrate our two old websites into Shopify. This was a large undertaking which included: integrating our ERP system, integrating 3rd party parts diagram software, e-commerce and lead generation, custom workflows for three customer groups, complex delivery rules, bill payment system OS 2.0. We put faith in Herd to deliver and they did not disappoint. We are delighted with the outcome and are looking forward to an ongoing working relationship.

Will Vernon, eCommerce Manager, FG Adamson & Son

Project Highlights


Integration with Ibcos

Integration of Ibcos Gold to Shopify, providing real time pricing, stock levels and order synchronisation.


Custom Shopify filtering

Custom Shopify filtering on product listing pages. Shopify does not offer filtering of PLP’s out-of-the-box. Herd’s smart tagging app has allowed SEO friendly pages based on product attributes that was not possible previously.


Smart Collection content for Shopify

Gain a competitive advantage for long tail searches versus your competitors. We match the selected tag on a product listing page against metafield data. Using Herd’s smart collection content, override key collection data mentioned above as well as images, content spots and page titles. This can be uitilised for as many tags as we wish to dynamically set filtered collection content.


News Content Hub

Aggregation of blogs into a single content hub allowing F G Adamson & Son to showcase knowledge & advise consumers.


Pay a bill

Allow customers to pay a bill directly through Shopify. Customers can pay a service bill through Shopify.


Custom migration

A custom migration of all existing data was created. This has saved F G Adamson & Son team several weeks of time creating products and informational pages.