Shopify development retainer transforms performance for global lingerie & swimwear experts

  • +77% Uplift in items added to cart
  • +38% Increased user engagement
  • +114% Site speed increase

Project overview

Brastop were looking for a performance partner that they could work closely with to implement significant functionality improvements to their Shopify Plus store.

They were frustrated by inaccurate estimates and a lack of communication from previous agencies. They were seeking an expert Shopify agency who understood their needs and could work in partnership with the right technical expertise to transform their development dreams into reality.

As a store comprising 2 brands and 10 different sites internationally, our challenge was to keep a development pace that matched quarterly business goals to drive performance.

Short term goals included improving US user experience, assessing third party providers (e.g. Algolia), site speed enhancements, and improving mobile basket and checkout experience to improve average order value (AOV) and conversion rate.

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The brief

Brastop wanted to work in partnership with our Shopify Plus development experts to drive continuous site enhancements.

We devised a quarterly roadmap for the first 12 months, based on implementing changes that would drive performance goals.

Key objectives

  • Assessment, comparison recommendation, and development estimation of search and merchandising providers. Search and merch is the lynchpin of Brastop's business model
  • Implement a new search and merch provider (Searchspring) to integrate seamlessly with existing Shopify conversion tools such as Metafield suggested search
  • Implement site-wide tracked smart recommendations via Searchspring
  • Improve mobile checkout, including accurate basket summary and coupon code functionality to encourage users to checkout
  • Improve page load speed by at least 10 points (from 15) - site speed was suffering due to a graphics heavy re-design and reliance on third party apps

"Finding a Shopify development agency is always tricky - there are a lot of choices out there. Finding a partner who is that perfect fit can be challenging...until we found Herd. Other agencies we've worked with have been just that, agencies. But with Herd they truly feel like a partner."

Jorge Ba-oh UX and Web Development Manager, Brastop

Project highlights

Integrated Searchspring app functionality to improve user experience, conversions and AOV by simplifying product search and merchandising.

We used custom code across the theme, combining the power of Searchspring merchandising algorithms with the customisability of Shopify, to enable sales messages and discounts to be displayed as banners.

We re-designed the checkout layout to encourage customers to checkout, including coupon code field visibility and facilitating a clear and transparent order cost summary.

We are making further upgrades to the checkout, including contextual delivery information based on region, next day delivery, and provider to improve user experience.

We've also converted from deprecated scripts to a new extensible checkout.

We conducted a full audit and deprecation of unnecessary third party apps, services, and graphics to improve page load speed without loss of functionality.

We also developed a custom lazy loader for images and videos, modernising the code to improve speed further.

We learnt how the business worked inside out to position ourselves as an extension of the Brastop team. We liaise weekly to plan and implement a continuous roadmap of site improvements, fully synchronised with Brastop's quarterly business goals.

We added custom tracking for both Searchspring and GA4 to enable Brastop to track merchandising and recommendation performance in a way they've never been able to previously.

We created an automated dual sizing workflow that creates tags to be filtered across different collection types to enable bra size equivalent searches.