Turbocharging revenue & rankings for performance tuning specialists, AET Motorsport

AET Motorsport

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<p>Turbocharging revenue & rankings for performance tuning specialists, AET Motorsport</p>
Best Site Migration: Northern Dev Awards '20

The challenge

AET Motorsport have been developing race winning software and hardware packages for performance cars since 1974.

They specialise in Ford, BMW, Volkswagen, and Audi performance tuning, and are also the home of the VUDU performance software and hardware brand.

AET approached Herd with a challenge to help grow the organic visibility of their store. Work began with the development of an SEO strategy to improve organic visibility in search engines, drive more traffic, and rev up revenue across the site.

This resonates with Herd’s mission – Growing Shopify Giants from the brands that we partner with. This is the very reason that AET have chosen to work with Herd as their marketing partner & technical Shopify Expert.

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The results

A selection of key statistics from this project:

  • +440K Organic traffic increase YoY
  • +76% Conversion rate increase
  • +47% Revenue increase YoY
  • +56% Increase in 'top 3' keyword rankings

Our approach

AET Motorsport saw that their organic traffic had remained static for some time. Whilst not declining, it was clear that there was room to accelerate growth through this channel.

Offering a premium product line in VUDU Performance, reselling parts from global providers, and combining this with the practical expertise on offer in the Normanton workshop, a cohesive SEO strategy was required to support each pillar of the business.

Key Objectives

Herd were appointed to help the brand adhere to best practice, grow local search presence, and support organic growth within the highly competitive performance motorsport sector.

Herd have been an amazing help to our brand, They always make time to help us with issues we usually cause ourselves and new projects. We would highly recommend Herd for any digital work including SEO, Paid search, social campaigns, and lead generation. Our relationship only continues to grow stronger. Huge thanks from all the Team at AET Motorsport.

Nick Cook, Owner, AET Motorsport

How we did it

Implementing indexable filters: to widen the net of potential keywords we could rank for, whilst utilising robots.txt rules to ensure that our crawl budget was not wasted on irrelevant pages.

Optimised content: for newly indexed pages to allow us to rank against far more specific keywords, closer to the conversion stage of the buying journey.

Utilising structured data: to ensure that clear ranking signals were sent to search engines and displayed in rich results where possible.

Optimising local listings: to increase local visibility, increasing workshop enquiries, and in-house modifications.

Project Highlights


PLP content optimisation

By using the data available, we prioritised our content creation efforts into the areas where we could get the most bang for our buck, securing the maximum number of page 1 listings for our ecommerce pages.


Crawl performance improvements

Through our daily performance checks, we were able to discover areas of the site which were being under-discovered by crawlers.

It was then essential that we included the right signals such as internal links to orphaned pages, and fixing broken links to drive organic search improvements.


Informational content optimisation

Through our keyword research and competitor analysis, we determined that there were several subject areas where fresh content should be created to secure rankings for these terms.

Using AET’s expertise, we then optimised this new content to have the most impact within search engines.


Local business search optimisation

Optimising the Google Business Profile (GBP) to capture the right terms for the services provided by the brick-and-mortar business.

We also syndicated the site and GBP data to top local directories, reinforcing trust and local search signals.