Olly's first 6 months at Herd

Olly's first 6 months at Herd

Tell us a little bit about yourself 

Olly Green - Herd Content Lead

I joined Herd as Content Lead in October 2023, taking on my first role within marketing. I gained my content experience over three years as a sports journalist, having graduated from Liverpool John Moores University with a degree in Sports Journalism in 2020. Stepping away from journalism was a tough decision, but Herd has felt like the perfect place to develop my content expertise from day one. 

Sport is a big part of my life, particularly football - I support Manchester United (not that it's something to shout about at the moment) and play for a team in York on a Saturday. I love travelling and getting to as many countries as possible – I’m always looking out for bargain flights. 

What have you been up to so far? 

I’ve been getting to grips with content’s role within marketing and understanding how I can utilise my background as a journalist. It’s been a challenge that I’ve massively enjoyed. The team have been hugely supportive and I’m very fortunate to be learning from some vastly experienced and intelligent people.  

I’ve already worked across a range of very different clients and made a number of contributions to Herd’s website and socials. I feel like I’ve taken a lot on board over the course of these six months, but it’s been encouraging to hear positive feedback internally and from clients. 

What have you learned about the world of marketing that you didn’t know before starting? 

I perhaps didn’t acknowledge how many opportunities there are to utilise content in order to grow brands. There are so many aspects of a brand where genuinely useful, relevant, and optimised content can have a tangible short-term and long-term impact. 

I’ve also come to realise just how many tools and platforms you have to be comfortable with to be a successful marketer. I feel like I’ve been grappling with a new system every week, but I’ve truly enjoyed it. It’s great feeling like you’re getting more and more skills under your belt. 

What are you hoping to achieve in the next six months? 

I want to continue developing and gain as much experience as possible. I want to have complete confidence in my ability as marketer, which I know will come with time. I’m looking forward to working with more huge global brands and I want to leave a positive impression on them. 

I’m also planning to expand my knowledge of other marketing channels, whether that’s SEO, Digital PR, or Paid Media. 

Quickfire round 

Who would be a dream client to work with? 

Sick of their F1 team but I think working with Red Bull would be unbelievable. I also really like Art of Football, so that would be cool as well. 

What is your favourite piece of stationery?

The notebook I had through university and my first job – it stuck with me through some stressful times! 

Tea or coffee? 

Both have their moments, but coffee is a necessity some mornings. 

Favourite marketing tool?

Can’t go wrong with Semrush. 

Favourite podcast?

Football podcasts are normally my go-to - Stick to Football or Talk of the Devils. 

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About the author

Olly Green

Olly Green, Content Lead

Our Content Lead graduated from Liverpool John Moores University with a BA in Sports Journalism in 2020. Olly gained his grounding in content over three years as a professional sports journalist before joining Herd to utilise his wide-ranging writing skills in a marketing environment.

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