Herd's new store for Barbary Brothers high end grooming products is a cut above the rest

<p>Herd's new store for Barbary Brothers high end grooming products is a cut above the rest</p>

Project Overview

Barbary Brothers wanted to launch a new website offering the finest men’s grooming products D2C.

As a new business entering the world of online retail, they wanted to ensure a ‘right first time’ approach was taken and asked Herd to lead the way to grooming greatness.

Our design and development team took charge of building a custom Shopify Theme to offer the best user experience with our digital marketing team creating a clear strategy to build brand awareness and sales through paid search and social media channels

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A selection of key highlights from this project

  • 100 Seguidores de Instagram en los primeros 30 días del lanzamiento
  • +771.86% Crecimiento de la sesión sobre la introducción del marketing digital
  • 100% Amigable con el móvil, con todas las páginas que pasan la evaluación de Core Web Vitals en el móvil

El resumen

This was a brand-new Shopify store with no brand identity offering us a blank canvas from both a development and marketing perspective.

The brief was to create and launch a new website from scratch targeting men who wanted to achieve a legendary look from top brand grooming products.


  • Create a new brand identity

  • Design, build & launch new website

  • Generate brand awareness

  • Grow conversions

Working with Herd to create a new Shopify store from scratch was a breeze. They really listened to our requirements and their expertise shone through. With their guidance we were able to formulate a thorough strategy from design and development of our Shopify store to successful marketing implementation. We look forward to growing our business with the help of Herd.

Almirante Barbarroja, Director General

Cómo lo hicimos

Established a brand identity and creative direction which was then interpreted into a modern, mobile first bespoke Shopify store.

An SEO friendly site structure was created to ensure that both users and search engines could reach any page of the site within a minimal number of clicks.

The client was guided through a fully project managed solution with various touch points at key milestones in the development

This allowed the client to focus on their business objectives with peace of mind that their site was delivered on time and within budget.

Drop shipping solutions were introduced to allow suppliers to directly send out products without the need for Barbary Brothers keeping physical stock.

Automated emails were created to allow the client to recapture abandoned basket and checkout traffic and ensure that these users came back to the store to complete their purchase.

Relevant and targeted search and shopping campaigns were created on Google to ensure that the right people were shown the right products at the right time with the intent to build brand awareness and conversions.

Created a thorough social strategy to ensure that relevant and relatable content was shared across Instagram and Facebook to generate brand awareness and sales.

Content optimisation by our SEO team identified the right target keywords, creating unique content for collection pages for them to have a greater chance at ranking high within the organic search results.

Puntos destacados del proyecto


Diseño y Desarrollo de Shopify

El diseño del sitio se creó utilizando las directrices de la marca existentes para ayudar a establecer y desarrollar la presencia en línea.


Solución gestionada por el proyecto

Todos los proyectos de desarrollo web son supervisados por un gestor de proyectos y un desarrollador principal. Los hitos clave se definen desde el principio, estructurando la entrega del proyecto.


Funcionalidad de Drop Shipping

El Drop Shipping es un gran método de envío para las empresas de nueva creación o para cuando el espacio de almacenamiento de existencias es limitado. Esta integración se puede lograr sin problemas en la plataforma Shopify.


Búsqueda de pago

Se implementaron anuncios de búsqueda de pago en Google para generar más tráfico y conversiones.


Medios de comunicación social

Los canales sociales se crearon desde cero con una estrategia para no sólo aumentar los seguidores, sino también el compromiso y generar conciencia de marca.


Automatizaciones de correo electrónico

Se crearon campañas automatizadas de cestas abandonadas para atraer a los usuarios de vuelta al sitio y completar su compra.