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Email marketing is the most effective way to communicate with, and re-engage audiences. It remains a channel that consistently drives great results and repeat business.

Our approach to email marketing delivers results through timely, targeted messaging to your audience.

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Why should email marketing be part of your digital strategy?

Email is very much alive and an important communication tool for every online business. It is a proven way of building loyalty with your customers, providing great customer service and one of the most effective channels for generating revenue.

From eCommerce notifications, automations with personalisation to campaign newsletters promoting events, offers or even requesting reviews – email marketing continues to be a great way to engage your audience.

Our approach to email marketing

Our brilliant team have created email strategies, designed templates and content for campaigns across a broad variety of sectors for eCommerce and lead generation sites including automotive, gardening, weddings, pharmaceutical, fashion, home improvements, pet food, B2B, leisure and more.


Email strategy

Following an initial discovery session, we'll work out how frequent your communications need to be, who you need to target and tactics that will grow your subscriber list.



As Shopify experts, our team can help you to integrate your existing email platform or help you choose the most appropriate email client for your eCommerce business.


Database segmentation

Success depends on the quality of data in your CRM database. Our team can help you segment your data to tailor messages in emails targeting different customer groups.


Email automation

We can help you set-up workflows and automations. This allows us to drive better results by designing workflows and delivering content based on the user's interactions.



From engaging subject lines that prompt higher open rates to writing body copy for your emails, we’ll make sure your content is captivating and suits your tone of voice.



It's important emails look the part. Our creative herd will design eye-catching and responsive templates and choose layouts depending on type of email and scenario.



We always have an eye on performance. From tracking to A/B testing subjects, open rates to unsubscribes and conversions, we will optimise campaigns to get you results.


"We'll explore options for automation and personalisation to make communications more effective and help you choose the right email platform for business growth."

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