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Affiliate marketing

Connect with a huge variety of quality publishers to sell your products and services through referral sites and influencers.

We’ll tailor an affiliate program to your exact specifications, giving you full transparency along the way.

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What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing provides you the opportunity to connect with a huge variety of quality publishers to sell your products and services, highlighting special offers through referral sites and influencers. This could be offering a new user discount code through a voucher website or raising awareness for a brand new product through bloggers and influencers.

Our approach

We will build your affiliate program from the ground up, starting with creating your unique business profile within the network - highlighting your products and services to prospective publishers.

From here, we’ll use our existing knowledge and experience to get you set up straight away with some of the highest quality publishers, keeping you involved during all stages to ensure the program is the correct fit for your brand.


On-going management

Our verified partner network will schedule commission rates and promote offers for you.


Growth opportunities

Grow your program by inviting new and high quality publishers to work with your brand.


Unique exposure

Gain unique exposure through referral sites and influencers that are tailored to your budget.


Regular reporting

Receive regular reports of individual publisher performance against your main KPIs.


Strong relationships

Build strong relationships with affiliate partners for more flexible tenancy packages and pricing.


The benefits of affiliate marketing

Affiliates is highly flexible in that your program can be tailored to your exact specifications, achieving what is most important for your business. Results are easily measurable through an approved affiliate network, and you only pay commission when you see results!

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