Our top 5 free Social Media tools

Our top 5 free Social Media tools

Social media plays a huge part in digital marketing. Staying on top of social media is essential to avoid being left behind in the fast-paced digital industry. Organisation is key to successful marketing and keeping track of your channels, regularly posting and engaging can take time. So, we made a round up of our top 5 free social media tools to save you time and help manage your social media.

1. Buffer

buffer logo Buffer is a software application made for web and mobile that allows you to manage multiple social media profiles easily. Buffer offers free plans as well as premium plans, if you wish to expand. The free plan allows you to:

  • Connect 3 social accounts
  • Schedule 10 posts per social account
  • Link shortening and tracking

A cool feature of Buffer is that it monitors user activity and suggests a time that is best to post, based on your followers activity.

2. TweetDeck

tweetdeck logo If you are an active twitter user, this one will be great for you. TweetDeck is a completely free social media dashboard application which allows you to manage multiple Twitter accounts from a combined interface. The dashboard is customizable, and you can monitor hundreds of lists, searches, hashtags and more.

3. TweetReach

tweetreach logo TweetReach is an analytics tool that is specific to Twitter. It allows you to focus on the impact of your activity, conversations and network. As well as this, it measures the size of your following, the reach of your messages and it helps you to identify influencers who are sharing your content. TweetReach offers paid plans if this is something you require, but we think the standard tools do the job.

4. Emojipedia

emojipedia logo Emojipedia is an online tool that provides a browsing capability for every available, and upcoming, emoji that is used across all platforms, Apple, Windows, Android etc. Emojis are a great way tor spruce up a social post, they offer colour and personality.

Simply search for an emoji by category, activity, feeling, colour or occasion. Then copy and paste them anywhere!

5. Feedly

feedly logo While this is not a direct management tool, Feedly allows you to see relevant industry news all in one place and lets you quickly share it to your social channels. Feedly is an application used on web and mobile that aggregates internet content into one place, allowing you to quickly scan headlines and full stories at a glance from a variety of sources.

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