Our top 5 free SEO tools

Our top 5 free SEO tools

If you want to get results from SEO, you're going to need the best SEO tools and resources out there to help. Luckily enough, the World Wide Web is stocked full of them. You may think that there's no way to achieve great results without paying an arm and a leg for them but, contrary to belief, it doesn't have to be that way. Here at Meta we've rounded up our top five SEO tools that are completely FREE.

1. Ayima Redirect Path


This handy tool can be installed into your browser to check HTTP Headers and redirects. It flags up 301, 302, 404 and 500 HTTP Status Codes as well as Meta and JavaScript redirects, instantaneously bringing potential issues to your attention that may not otherwise be seen.

2. Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager

This tool is a simple, reliable and easily integrated tag management system (TMS) that allows you to update tracking codes and related tags quickly on your website or mobile app. Used for conversion tracking, website analytics, retargeting and more, this free tool is the perfect addition to help you with SEO.

3. Web Page Test

Web Page Test

This is one of the most popular and free tools on the web for measuring web page performance. It enables you to run tests on your site from a number of different locations around the world, allowing you to choose the device, browser and connectivity conditions. We love using this to test our clients web page speeds and to check everything is up to scratch.

4. Lighthouse


This free tool is a Google Chrome extension, so this one is for the Chrome users out there. Lighthouse is an auditing tool that offers insight on how to improve the quality of your web pages, including: performance, SEO, usability and accessibility. The report gives detail on how visitors interact with the different elements of your page and what issues need fixing.

5. Structured Data Testing Tool

Structured Data Testing Tool

This is a great resource for checking the structured data on your site. What is 'structured data' you ask? In a nutshell, structured data allows Google to understand what your site is about. It helps to increase your presence on search results naturally, so customers can find and click on your site. Google scans your site at that very moment in time and it will display a report of any structured data found on your site.

That's a round up of our top five free SEO tools, what are your favourites? If you loved this one, make sure to check out our top five free social media tools here.

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