Our favourite April Fools' marketing pranks of 2019

Our favourite April Fools' marketing pranks of 2019

It's that time of year again! The biggest brands have yet again tried to pull our legs with their crazy marketing pranks for April Fools' Day 2019. Below are our top picks - some of which, were admittedly a little gutted they aren't real!


McDonald's certainly made an impact with the apparent launch of their #ShakeSauce. It didn't take long for the public to express their feelings towards the new and very controversial product. Most people were filled with disgust at the thought of dipping your fries in a delicious milkshake, but others were gutted when they realised the nature of the campaign. Sorry to all the milkshake chip dippers out there!

Tell us what you think! Are you guilty of dipping the odd fry in your McDonald's milkshake?


This year, Google definitely pushed the boat out this year with their multiple announcements and 'gag' product launches. Our favourites are named below.

Google Maps - Retro 'Snake' Game

Google Maps released the spinoff of the classic Snake. If you didn't know, this one is more legit than any of the releases that any other company tried to trick us with this year. Snake can be accessed on the Google Maps app for Android and IOS for a limited time only - so go and enjoy while you can!

Google Maps Snake Game

Screen Cleaner (in the files app)

Rather than just cleaning the inside of your device, Google thought they'd tease us with a screen cleaner feature that can "wash away smudges and polish your screen". We wish this one was real!


A firm favourite of ours, the beloved Build-A-Bear decided to take their toy-making in a new direction by launching a new mobile dating app named: 'Build-A-Bae'. The dating app supposedly uses a "matchmaking algrrrrithm" to find the perfect significant other for you. Nice try Build-A-Bear!


Shutterstock - one of the world's largest library for stock images, vectors, photos, footage and music announced to the world they'd be opening the largest physical library known to man! They claimed, "sometimes innovation means moving backwards".

It must be said, this is possible the worst idea we've heard yet! Shutterstock fans definitely saw the funny side to this one.


This one definitely turned heads. Have you ever spent too long finding the fiddly little bricks? Well, LEGO claimed to be developing an app to help you with the endless struggle! LEGO definitely shattered some hopes and dreams when we all realised that is was in fact an April Fools' prank.

What was your favourite April Fool's marketing campaign this year?

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