Cameron’s first three months at Meta

camerons first three months at meta

About Me

I’m Cameron, I joined Meta as a PPC Executive at the end of last year in November.

Outside of work I follow football, and I like skiing, going to the gym and keeping active.

In March before we first went into lockdown I had just passed my level 3 Digital Marketing apprenticeship. I had been on furlough since then so I was excited to start my new role at Meta.

What I’ve Been Up To So Far

It’s very strange starting a new job during a pandemic when everyone is having to stay at home, but it’s going well so far and everyone has made me feel really welcome (I celebrated my 21st Birthday in November and I received a great big personalised cookie from the team – a really nice touch, especially since I had only just started at the Company!)

On my first day I was able to go into the office where I met a few members of the Meta team and picked up all the equipment I needed to work from home. I was happy to see that they had an Xbox in the break room which I’ll be able to go on during my breaks. With my office all set up at home I was good to go. Whilst I like the benefits of working from home, I do miss the face to face social interaction that you get actually being in an office.

My first month was really interesting and busy which has been a refreshing change from not having much to do during my days on furlough. I was challenged with tasks I had not done in much depth before. For example, planning a campaign structure for Google Ads and Microsoft Ads on Excel and doing audits of ad accounts. I have found it very interesting learning about all the different partners that we work with at Meta. I like that I am constantly busy and it is a bonus being busy doing something I really enjoy.

In my second month I was dealing with more ad accounts and optimising them each week to achieve our partners' goals. I set up a lot of different types of campaigns across these accounts e.g. search, display and shopping and learnt more about all the different targeting options that can be used for these which I found very interesting. I continued to do training on the various platforms we use such as Shopify, Facebook and HubSpot to name a few and completed certifications for Google Ads and Microsoft Ads.

In my third month I completed a website audit for one of our partners and provided recommendations in terms of what I'd expect to be on the website so for example making sure that their CTAs were visible and that they had keywords on their landing pages. I also had my first call with our partner Cobra Sport which went well and also took ownership of them which I was pleased with. I was happy to take on more responsibility and I hope that this continues as I progress even more.

Recently I've been able to start going into the office a couple of days a week which has been a nice change from just being at home. That said, I haven't missed travelling into work but it has been good to see people in person instead of through a screen. 

Highlights So Far

I enjoyed creating a quiz for our Monday morning whole group meeting where I found out a truth and a lie about each of my colleagues at Meta which was a fun way of introducing myself and getting to know everyone.

I have also been presenting the latest industry updates to the marketing team which has been good to keep everyone up to date with what's happening and improve my presentation skills. 

Another highlight was my first call with our partner Cobra Sport. I was pleased with how this went and made sure I was well prepared. I now feel a lot more confident in leading the calls with our partners and understand what is involved in these calls.

I’m looking forward to continue going into the office more and I’m excited to continue learning and developing my digital marketing skills at Meta.

If you need help managing or are looking to start PPC advertising and want to know more about what we can offer for paid search then you can contact us.

Sobre el autor

Cameron Park-Blackburn

Cameron Park-Blackburn, PPC Executive

Cameron completed his digital marketing apprenticeship in 2020. Through this, he found his passion for paid search. Cameron continues to learn alongside the paid search manager and head of paid search, developing his skills to offer the best possible ROAS for our clients.

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