Technical SEO

SEO tech is the essential cornerstone of any website. Without strong technical foundations, your growth trajectory can be significantly slowed or even stalled completely.

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Our primary focus is ensuring that crawlers can find, index, and love your website as much as you do.

SEO First Steps

Our technical SEO tactics

We are completely transparent when it comes to organic performance, if something isn’t working as we expect, we’ll let you know and keep you updated on what our next steps will be.

Our SEO team has experience working with our in-house developers as well as external teams. This means that we can speak their language, keep everyone happy and ensures that fixes are not held up or lost in the ether.

Additional experience comes from working closely with our content and PR teams. This means that we can support these efforts with technical principles and get the most out of every page or campaign.


SEO healthchecks & audits

We take an outside-in look at your website and uncover key technical issues which are holding you back from achieving your goals.


Site speed reviews

Now a powerful ranking factor. We discover unoptimised assets on your site which may be frustrating both users and crawlers.


Shopify theme consultancy

We regularly advise on recommended themes and discuss the pros and cons before you make that all-important decision, without the jargon.


Backlink & disavow file audits

Backlinks are integral to SEO. Using a human eye, we ensure that you won't fall foul of any penalties in future, removing toxic backlinks from your domain.


Algorithm impact mitigation

We are experienced at mitigating the impact of these disruptions and providing recommendations to turn around performance, fast.


Keyword research

We empower all our SEO activity with keyword data ensuring that you are casting the widest possible net with your pages and content.


Digital opportunity prospecting

We uncover where your next growth area is, ensuring that there is significant search volume and discovering low competition niches where you can prosper.


Bespoke performance reporting

Using keyword tags to segment data and industry-leading tools, we provide a clear view of performance, telling you exactly how it is, like our tea: milk, no sugar.


Crawl budget analysis

We ensure that crawlers are discovering pages that are essential for your performance, cutting down on crawl bloat and increasing generation of ranking signals.

"You wouldn't build your house upon shaky foundations. Why should your website be any different? By implementing technical SEO principles, we'll make sure that your website is ready for growth and reaps the benefits of future optimisation."

Ross Stuart - SEO Manager

Who we work with

We see our clients as mutual partners and make it our business to get under the skin of your business - it's the only way to deliver a growth strategy that will help you scale.

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