Top 10 customer service tips for digital agencies

Top 10 customer service tips for digital agencies

Excellent customer service skills are one of the key ingredients to any successful business. Digital agencies are not exempt from this – without our clients, we wouldn't be here doing what we do best.

The quality of service you deliver to your clients could be the difference between a client seeing you as a 'supplier' or a long term 'partner'.

Here at Meta, we pride ourselves on our customer service skills and endeavour to deliver a high level of service to everyone. Even if you're just popping in for a quick chat over a cuppa, we like to think we always go that extra mile to make you feel at home and part of our team – it's the little things that make a difference!

Here's our top 10 tips to consistently deliver a great customer experience

  1. Listen – take the time to listen to your client and understand what they want. Remember you're the specialist in what you do. They've come to you for help, guidance and assistance. Don't make assumptions and if they're not clearly conveying what they need, don't be afraid to ask for clarity
  2. Communication – communicate all aspects of the work you are undertaking clearly, even if an unexpected hurdle occurs. A well-informed customer will be easier to handle than one that is unsure of what's going on
  3. Appreciate – whoever it is and whatever they are buying from you, it's a choice; the chances are you are not alone in your industry therefore your customer can easily shop elsewhere. A simple thank you can go a long way and remembering a detail that is personal to them will earn extra customer service bonus points
  4. Body language – covers a broad range of aspects. Be present and make sure that your client knows they have your full attention. Even on the telephone, they know if you are truly listening – they might not be able to see you, but they can hear if your smiling
  5. Apologise – we're human and we all make mistakes. Occasionally things can and do go wrong. Own it by informing and apologising and then rectify the situation quickly. Once the problem is rectified apologise again and consider providing an incident report detailing how you'll avoid a similar situation in the future
  6. Be transparent – ensure the product or service you endorse is accurate. Misleading your customers will only ensure one thing – that they will NOT return
  7. Adapt – depending on your product or service, there may well be times when things aren't quite what the customer wants or needs. Demonstrate that you can be adaptable, even if in the end it's not viable, it shows that you are willing to try and that you are prepared to go that extra mile
  8. Under promise, over deliver – whenever possible, beat that deadline or find a solution sooner. Those little things are what makes us stand out from our competitors and are the key points that clients will remember when talking about us
  9. Communicate & feedback – with so many platforms that enable us to demonstrate how well our work is performing, remember to gather and share this feedback to show return-on-investment. If something is working well, create a performance report or a campaign wash-up containing the measurable results and shout about it from the hilltops
  10. Employees – last, but by no means least is our employees. Happy staff will ultimately deliver their role in the most positive way that they can. This in turn promotes your brand and your business. A great team culture and working environment will be evident to all and your clients who will buy in more to the overall experience of your brand

Final thoughts

As a service agency, customer service is essential and now so more than ever during a pandemic like COVID-19. Remember that client empathy during the current climate is important – we're in it together, but get the balance right, you also have a business to run too.

Nurture your client relationships and your team, it will pay dividends in the future.

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Sam Moore

Sam Moore, Account & Operations Lead

Sam is our Accounts & Operations Lead and keeps the whole herd running smoothly. From accounts to invoicing & organising our crucial work socials, Sam has got it under control!

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