Top 5 Influential Women in digital

Top 5 Influential Women in digital

It's no secret that women are underrepresented in the digital world, with men dominating the majority of roles. I believe that this is something we can definitely change and with days like International Women's Day, it is the perfect opportunity to celebrate women and their achievements.

International Women's Day has been a big event for many years and falls every year on the 8th of March. The day is celebrated globally by people coming together to celebrate women's rights, equality and their achievements.

As a woman in digital myself and in honour of International Women's Day 2020, I wanted to share with you my top 5 influential women in digital that inspire me.

Kirsty Hulse


Kirsty is the founder of Manyminds and her most recent venture, Roar Training. She is also a bestselling author of the award nominated book “The Future is Freelance”. I first saw her speak on the main stage at Search Leeds in 2019 with her presentation 'How science can help you have better ideas' and I was in awe of her passion, motivation and confidence. If anyone can empower you, it's Kirsty.

Britney Muller


Speaker at major conferences worldwide, Britney is the Senior SEO Scientist at Moz and is the founder of data-driven marketing agency, Pryde Marketing. Again, I first saw her speak at Search Leeds in 2019 with her presentation 'Machine learning for SEOs' and was amazed at her knowledge of all things data and technical SEO. Britney is constantly on top of her game and is a role model for many young SEOs in the industry.

Shannon McGuirk


Shannon is the head of PR and content at Aira, a Milton Keynes based digital marketing agency. She has experience working with well-known consumer brands and her key skills include developing digital PR strategies and link building. Shannon's engaging talk at Search Leeds in 2019 was all about making headlines and using 'gut feeling'. This is where my interest in digital PR and launching campaigns really began. As well as her talk at Search Leeds, she has gone on to speak at BrightonSEO and MozCon, even getting the chance to guest host Whiteboard Friday on Moz's website!

Areej AbuAli


Areej is the SEO manager at Zoopla and founder of Women in Tech SEO (WTS), a support network aimed at women in the technical SEO field to empower each other and help build their network and accelerate their careers. Since starting the support network, she's also launched the first-ever full-day technical SEO conference with a women only line up in honour of International Women's Day. Not only is Areej inspirational and motivating, she is definitely a force to be reckoned with in the world of SEO and is one to watch.

Polly Pospelova


Specialist in SEO, UX and development and imga well-known industry speaker, Polly is the Head of Search and Digital Marketing Director at Delete, a digital agency based in London and Leeds. With years of experience speaking at the likes of BrightonSEO, Search Leeds and International Search Summit it's safe to say Polly has developed a reputation for herself in the world of SEO, in a good way of course.

And there you have it, my top 5 influential women in the digital industry that inspire me. I'm proud to be part of a growing team at Meta who have achieved gender equality in the office with a 50/50 split of men and women. Long may this continue!

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