Phoebe's first month at Meta

Phoebe sat in the office at Meta

About me

Hi, I’m Phoebe. A recent graduate from Hull University Business School achieving a first-class Honours in Marketing. I’ve been lucky enough to be taken on by Meta as a Digital Marketing Intern within the Marketing team.

When I got asked what superhero I would be, I said the Incredible Hulk, because I’m looking forward to smashing out some creative campaign ideas for our clients with the help of my team.

Outside of work, on a weekend you will find me walking £50,000 security dogs around my quiet local village. These pampered pooches are trained to protect royals, celebrities and footballers sold all around the world.

If I’m not at the kennels, you will find me on the football pitch for North Ferriby, going on long walks with my Goldendoodle, or sat in my bedroom playing guitar jamming along to Taylor swift.

 Phoebe playing football for North Ferriby ladies

Spending my final year of Uni in Lockdown

After such a difficult 15 months finishing off my second and final year of university in my bedroom, the summer of 2021 was not such a complete disaster.

Whilst I was finishing off my dissertation, communicating virtually with team members on the other side of the world to get group work completed, I received the greatest news.

When driving on the way to Pets At Home on a regular Wednesday afternoon, I was thrilled to receive the call from Bones that Meta would like to take me on as their first-ever Intern.

I was beyond excited to leave my bedroom and eager to arrive at the office to start gaining experience in the field of Digital Marketing. This was especially the case when I knew I was going to be fortunate enough to be working alongside a company that was Yorkshire’s leading Shopify performance agency, working with such an extensive range of clients with ambitious brands.

Who wouldn’t want to gain their first-ever work experience from a company working with such big brands?

A warm welcome that lasts

Despite my interview taking place virtually over teams with Bones and Sam, I instantly got the vibe of the type of people who work at Meta from the warm interview process. After just a few minutes in, I got the feel for the type of company Meta were.

The answer to this is simply down to earth and extremely welcoming for you to become a part of their herd.

The team regularly kept in touch with me before my start date, with Bones even putting together a few training modules to help me understand some of the work that they did before I arrived in June which was very useful.

After arriving for my first day, the team set me up with my equipment and even handed me a welcome card, a notebook, and bought me lunch for my first day which I found very thoughtful.

However, the kindness didn’t just end there, but after receiving the news that I would be graduating with a first, Gareth and the team surprised me with a bottle of champagne. The team even raised a glass for me during Fizz Friday alongside Meta’s and other employees monthly achievements. The support just seems to continue, and this is not just on your first day.

All members of the team are always there to help me with any of my questions and proofread my work to make sure I’m heading in the right direction.

My journey so far… 

Being an intern at Meta is amazing. I couldn’t ask for a better experience for showing me the digital ropes in the industry and helping me establish whether a career in Digital Marketing is the right path for me.

Even though the work environment in an agency is very fast-paced which I am not necessarily used to, it is great to be pushed out of my comfort zone. Especially when for over a year I had gotten used to being alone in my bedroom finishing off my degree.

From day one, Meta instantly introduced me to their clients and gave me some responsibility. My first ever blog was to write for Outdoor Living Hot Tubs, which I found very exciting to know I was writing something that would potentially be published on their website for such a well-established brand.

I am looking forward to seeing what the next few months bring, and seeing how my marketing skills develop with such a supportive team.

If you’re interested in anything digital marketing, please get in touch with us to see how we could help grow your brand’s digital footprint.

About the author

Phoebe Buttle

Phoebe Buttle, Marketing Intern

Phoebe is our Marketing post-grad intern with a passion for PR and content. Phoebe continues to learn alongside the Marketing team, developing her skills in Digital Marketing.

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