Sitting down with Newhay's Ian Burrows

Sitting down with Newhay's Ian Burrows

As a Herd, we pride ourselves on the close relationships we build with our partners, and this begins with knowing even the smallest of details in their story.

Like elephants, we are great listeners, and this forms the mechanisms of our marketing strategy.

Not only that, but we love a great natter, so in the Herd’s take on Get to Know Your Customers Day, we sat down with Newhay’s Ian Burrows so he could shine a spotlight on his bespoke business.

Stick the kettle on, grab a brew and cosy in on the conversation with our partners, Newhay!

The diversified farming family produces Premium Pet Hay, unique in the market because of the “goodness of the grass” Ian adds in true Yorkshire style. From field to packet within 48 hours of cutting, Timothy Hay is 100% British grown and packed with protein for your small furry friends.

Newhay came to us for support in developing their eCommerce website and their own ‘Newhay’ brand of Premium quality, dust extracted hay in three tasty varieties.

As our journey with them continues, the ambition to amplify their voice in the market grows.

When we asked Ian what excites him about his industry, he delightfully stated, “The natural feeds that we grow from our very own fields to feed our furry friends!”. This clearly underpins his mission to grow and supply the nation of small pet lovers with the best feeding hay that money can buy.

So, what does a typical day look like for Ian?

“Besides a brew, a 5am alarm clock is a must for me. I love the peace and quiet when there are not many people about.

In the winter, you’ll find me at my desk at a later-time of 8am, but we always have such a varied day on the farm or factory. That been said, there is no such thing as a typical day!”

Newhay team gathered around hay for inspection

Recommended by a companion, Newhay turned to us for their performance marketing and eCommerce website design and development in late spring 2021, and we have already executed a fruitful project for them. To end our chat, we asked Ian Burrows what Newhay would note as their highlight of working with us so far…

He simply stated, “You are like having a guide in a {digital marketing} maze!”.

We couldn’t have put it better ourselves.

You can find the full project case study here, for all the Shopify goodness and project highlights you can sink your teeth into!

Hungry for more? Discover more about our seamless approach to creating a digital strategy and the Herd can help grow your channels and speak to us over a brew today. 

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